how to quit smoking naturally

how to quit smoking naturally

“The primary is concern, concern of illness. For instance, if the physician tells you that in case you take yet another cigarette, your lungs will give approach and you’ll not survive, then that concern makes you quit smoking.

The second is greedIf somebody tempts you into one thing larger. Let’s say, if somebody affords you 1,000,000 {dollars} provided that you don’t smoke for a month. Then that greed to get one thing larger, some higher profit, provides rise to the potential for getting over the habit.

The third factor is love, love for one thing larger. Love can elevate your consciousness, your complete body-mind advanced. Love and prayer may also help cease the craving.”

There’s one more approach out of the habit. The best way of yoga and meditation. Or as Sri Sri so aptly places it, “Having an even bigger habit! The next ecstasy that yow will discover by way of yoga, pranayama and meditation! After all, that is love for the cosmos, love for God, a devotional dance! This provides you with such an ecstasy that it might snap you out of your habit.”

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