Two thousand, two hundred and fifteen days

Two thousand, two hundred and fifteen days

That’s 316 weeks. 72 months. Greater than 6 years.

What’s the importance of those numbers?

That is how lengthy, as of the time of my scripting this, that it has been since I’ve smoked a cigarette.

We spend loads of time speaking about food plan and train right here on Nerd Health, however when you’re a smoker, quitting smoking is the most effective factor that you are able to do to degree up your health.

Strolling out of the fitness center and lighting up a cigarette (which I did extra instances than I’d prefer to admit) is unquestionably the other of the “submit exercise” restoration we’re going for!

Now, I do know what you’re saying: “Oh, please, not one other boring article telling me the identical issues about how smoking is dangerous for me and that I ought to cease.”

I’m not going to try this to you.

It’s not a secret that smoking is dangerous for you. The field is suffering from warnings and it’s not a disputed undeniable fact that smoking causes a magnitude of well being issues, together with 90% of all lung most cancers. It’s additionally not a disputed undeniable fact that it’s costly and that it makes all the things round you reek.

I may write an article all about all the negatives of smoking, and it could solely cowl the very tip of the iceberg. And I wouldn’t be instructing you something new.

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